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Colorado Felony Defense Attorney

Denver felony defense lawyer Tray Stephany has handled felony cases from the  Denver Metro to Trinidad and the San Luis Valley.  Experience and dedication when you need it the most.  Felonies are serious.  A Colorado felony attorney with knowledge of the different counties and the skill to obtain results is advised.  Call 303-981-0594 to discuss strategy and your future. 

Colorado has six classes of felonies ranging from a Class 1 felony (the most serious) to a Class 6 felony (least serious).  Colorado also has a separate class of felonies drug offenses called "Colorado drug felonies."  If convicted of any felony a person may be sent to prison.  Regardless of the felony classification, if you need a Colorado felony attorney in Denver or anywhere else in the state  call Tray Stephany 303-981-0594. 

Different legal procedures exist for the six classes of Colorado felonies.  Class 1-3 felonies and crimes with mandatory sentencing are entitled to a preliminary hearing.  A preliminary hearing must be requested by a certain time or the right to a preliminary hearing is waived.  In a preliminary hearing the court determines whether probable cause exists.  A preliminary hearing is an important tool early in the case both as safeguard and  discovery tactic. 

Class 4-6 felonies are not entitled to a preliminary hearing in most cases; however, if a defendant cannot post bail they may be entitled to a preliminary hearing regardless of the felony class.  

Possible consequences of being convicted of a felony.

Going to prison and the lasting effect is devastating.

Getting a job, traveling out of the country, dating, right to own a firearm, and many other negative issues may be associated with having a felony conviction such as:



Intense Supervised Probation (Colorado ISP)

Prison or Jail

Parole (once released from Prison there is a mandatory parole period)  


Community service

Community Corrections

Rehabilitation Programs

Possibility of living in a half-way house

Possibly registering as a violent offender or sex offender.

What factors increase the length of incarceration for a convicted defendant? 

Habitual Offender

Crime of Violence

Special Offender (SE)

Crimes against protected persons (pregnant persons or at risk adults)

Extraordinary aggravating circumstances

Obtaining a lawyer is critical.  Arapahoe felony attorney in Denver / Arapahoe for statewide representation.