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Denver / Arapahoe Criminal Lawyer in Englewood

Denver / Arapahoe Criminal Lawyer in Englewood

Denver / Arapahoe Criminal Lawyer in EnglewoodDenver / Arapahoe Criminal Lawyer in Englewood
Denver / Arapahoe criminal Lawyer Law Offices of Tray Stephany

Statewide representation.  Office locations in Englewood and Alamosa.  Established in 2009. 

(303) 981-0594 Arapahoe / Denver criminal attorney


Denver / Arapahoe Criminal Lawyer

The Law Offices of Tray Stephany  provide tough criminal defense tailored for each client.  Free consult .  Call 303-981-0594.  Celebrating ten years of serving those facing the criminal justice system. 

Years ago, someone had the audacity to ask Tray 'how he could defend those people.'  The answer is simple: first, just because someone is charged does not mean they did anything; second, everyone is entitled to legal representation of their choice. 


Accepting felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and criminal municipal cases throughout Colorado.  Solid legal representation for people from all walks of life.  Dedicated to providing quality criminal defense.

5 star reviews online. 

Perfect Avvo 10 rating. 

Selected to Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for 2019 (as published in the Denver Post).

Recognized as a Top 100 Colorado Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers from 2014 through 2019. 

Hola, como estas Usted?  Fliez ano nuevo.  Entiendo y hablo espanol un poquito. Espanol interprete.  Su nombre, su numero, y llamo a manana. Abogado penalista en Denver.  No habla con policia. Gracias.

Tray Stephany provides aggressive criminal defense statewide with a second office in Alamosa.  Denver criminal lawyer in Englewood serving Colorado.

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Proactive Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

When charged with a crime in Colorado, crafting a solid defense from day one is paramount.  Denver criminal attorneys know a proactive approach to criminal defense is key.  This law office works to preserve evidence and contact potential witnesses from the start.  Witness memories can fade with time and getting their side of the story from the beginning may pay big in the long run.  The assistance of private investigation and/or expert witness may be an option for you.   

Once the system arrests and charges a defendant, the process is on.  The district attorney's office has almost limitless money, resources, and time in attempt to secure a conviction.  A conviction could mean prison and a serious life-altering event. Hiring a Denver criminal defense attorney is a serious decision.   Before considering a different criminal attorney to represent you, call Tray Stephany for a consultation at 303-981-0594. 


Your criminal case is serious. You need effective representation today.

Do not talk to the police detectives or the prosecutor by yourself.   The accused often make the mistake of talking to the police in hopes "this will all just go away." Unfortunately, Denver criminal lawyers know cases do not just "go away."  Speaking to police may lead to incriminating statements.  Police are trained to utilize the skills they learned in the police academy to get information from suspects. 

At Court, the prosecutor will likely tell the defendant to simply plead guilty- and for this office, that is simply not an appropriate outcome.   Going to court by yourself is intimidating with the combative nature of court, legal language, and what you have to lose.  Arapahoe / Denver criminal lawyer Tray Stephany works hard so you do not get bullied in court. 

As a Denver / Arapahoe criminal attorney, Tray regularly defends persons charged with serious felony and misdemeanors.  This law offices has taken cases from shoplifting to homicide.  One key to success, besides legal research and trial practice, is making sure the defendant has an open line for communication to Tray.  We understand the client is not just another person but a son, daughter, sister, or brother. The client is a human being with a future.  The client is facing allegations, which if convicted, may have lasting effect.  Defending clients is a serious task.  Colorado criminal defense is a task this office takes seriously.

Schedule a consult with the Law Offices of Tray Stephany at either the Englewood or Alamosa location.  

Call: 303.981.0594.  Flexible scheduling.

Building a law practice the old fashioned way: quality work and solid reputation.  Est. 2009.  

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Top Denver Criminal Lawyer


Recognized Quality

As a Denver / Arapahoe criminal attorney, this office has successfully obtained results in  cases statewide.   Named a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2019 (as published in the Denver Post).  Named a Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers from 2014 -2019.  Numerous Google and Avvo reviews by satisfied clients.   Perfect 10 Avvo rating.  Dedicated to fighting for the best results.   

Honest client testimonials

WORTH EVERY PENNY by William G. Dated February 11, 2018.  

"Mr. Stephany was hired in March 2016. I was facing serious allegations and a potential 14 year prison sentence and Felony, Trayson Stephany represented me with Dignity, Respect, Diligence, Professionalism, and a Winning Attitude. All qualities that it takes to take on the Legal System and District Attorney. We took the case to trial, Treys' presence in the courtroom was massive. He presented my case and Defended my Freedom, proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and ultimately, WE WON. Walked out a free man. He is worth every penny. If you demand -The Best- like I do, look no further. "

A Real Person Lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Kendra
January 22, 2019

Tray was very emphathetic to my case and very reasonable. He answers in a timely manner and he has a very agreeable demeanor and personality. I highly recommend Tray for anyone in need of his services!


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