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Domestic Violence Crimes

Colorado domestic violence (DV) lawyers deal with the offense of "domestic violence" when an defendnat is allegedly involved in an intimate relationship with another individual.  In Colorado, domestic violence damage or disruption to property.  Due to recent changes in Colorado domestic violence law if convicted a defendant will no longer be able to own guns or ammunition. 

The Law Office of Tray Stephany defends Colorado domestic violence in Denver, domestic violence in Englewood, Domestic violence in Centennial and statewide. As a Colorado domestic violence (DV) lawyer Tray understands the various DV classifications.  For example, a defendant does not have to pull hair or slap someone.  If an individual calls or even texts an individual too much they may be charged with Domestic Violence Harassment.  A person could be charged with Colorado DV harassment just by calling someone obscenities in some situations.  In other instances if an individual grabs a person's phone and won't give it back they could be charged with domestic violence. 

A domestic violence conviction will impact an individual in other areas of their life.  These areas include a right to own a firearm, enhanced jail sentences, ability to rent a home, and possibly issues related to employment.  A domestic violence conviction will appear on a background check.  

Colorado Revised Statute 18-3-204 is third degree assault.  Third degree assault is often a domestic violence charge. 

A person charged with Colorado domestic violence the will subject the defendant to a mandatory restraining order.   This criminal restraining order will prohibit the defendant from staying in the home or being in the same area as the alleged domestic violence victim.  This may cause the defendant significant complications. 

In some cases this restraining order may be modified pending the outcome of the case.  Denver domestic violence Lawyer Tray Stephany will be able to answer your questions regarding such modification.  If the defendant beats the case the restraining order will be gone forever. 

Denver domestic violence defense lawyers will tell you that when a man and a women get into it the guy seems to be the one going to jail.  Often the woman assaults the man first and the man is just trying to calm the woman down.  Men tend not to call the police while women are fast to dial 911 often leading to arrest. 

If the alleged victim was pregnant a defendant faces a mandatory minimum of six months in jail.  

Defense and Tactics for Domestic Violence Defense

Colorado domestic violence lawyers should not simply rely on the police reports and routine legal skills to defend these charges. 

This office routinely works with a private investigator in domestic violence cases.  A victim my have lied or recanted their story.  Potential witnesses (neighbors or bystanders) may have seen or heard something different that what was reported to the police.  Private investigation often produces new evidence not secured by police.  

Private investigation can be helpful in procuring this evidence through photographs and interviews. 

Another domestic violence defense tool is simply obtaining the 911 call and other police communications.