Criminal Lawyer for Denver


Criminal Attorney for Denver

The Law Offices of Tray Stephany has successfully handled felony and misdemeanor cases in Denver.  Denver courts are busy with serious cases.  You owe it to yourself or a loved one to hire a Denver criminal attorney to represent.  Go to court with an experienced and respected Denver criminal lawyer. Show the Court and prosecutor you are serious about your case from day one.  Call today for a free consultation. 

Felony Attorney for Denver

Everyone knows being charged with a felony is a major issue.  The person charged is facing prison time. The person charged could be deported.  They could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if convicted. Call today and speak with Tray today.  Aggressive defense from day one is imperative. 

Misdemeanor Attorney for Denver

Misdemeanors are the crimes below felonies (see the misdemeanor page for more information on misdemeanors).  Although less than a felony, misdemeanors are serious and deserve immediate attention.  A person convicted of a misdemeanor could spend a year in jail.  Some misdemeanors have mandatory jail sentences.  As a misdemeanor lawyer for Denver cases Tray diligently attacks the case by legal motions, evidence collection, and legal experience. 

Drug Felony Lawyer for Denver

Denver attorney for drug felony charges the people trust.  Drug felonies have lasting consequences. The Denver District Attorney's office may try to stick a defendant in prison or in some intensive drug court program.  Do not make a mistake of trying to handle the case yourself.   Some Denver drug felony charges have mandatory prison time.  Call for a free consultation. 

Civil Protection Order Lawyer for Denver

If you have been served with paperwork for a civil protection order retaining a Denver civil protection order attorney is advised.  These protection orders cane be made permanent and violation of the order is a criminal offense.  You could lose your gun rights.  These Denver civil protection orders are held at the City and County building at 1347 Bannock Street in Denver. 

Denver Criminal Court Contact Information

Court address for criminal cases: 

Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

520 West Colfax

Denver, Colorado 80204

Phone: 720-865-8301