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Criminal Attorney for Arapahoe

The Law Offices of Tray Stephany routinely handles cases in Arapahoe.  Arapahoe courts deal with felony and misdemeanor cases.  Tray has succussfully defended numerous persons charged with felony or misdemeanor charges as an attorney in Arapahoe.  

Felony attorney in Arapahoe

Felony charges are very serious.   Hiring a lawyer for your Arapahoe case is advised as prison is a real possiblity.   Routine felony charges in Arapahoe are theft, burglary, second and first degree assault, criminal trespass, menacing, and identity theft.  This office has the experience and dedication to provide aggressive criminal representation. 

Drug felony attorney in Arapahoe

Arapahoe drug felony lawyer.  When you are facing a regular felony or drug felony you need legal representation.  Some drug felonies carry mandatory prison time.  

Attorney for misdemeanor in Araphaoe

Misdemeanors are less serious than felony crimes but they are still serious.  Pop culture and television shows suggest misdemeanors are no big deal.  This false view is dangerous.  Some misdemeanors could land somone in county jail for two years.   A 3rd midemeanor drunk driving offense often gets a person 9 months to a year in jail.  Domestic violence cases also see convicted persons doing solid jail time.  Call today to see about defending you and your rights for misdemeanor defense lawyer in Arapahoe. 

Attorney for civil protection orders in Arapahoe

Tray Stephany represents either side in civil protection order cases.  If you have been in an "intimate" relationship and a restraining order is placed against you then you lose your Second Amendment right to own a gun.  This office has handled civil protection orders unde 13-14-105.5 C.R.S. for almost a decade.  Reasonable rates for solid representation. 

Arapahoe Court Location

Check your paperwork to make sure you know where you court is being held.  Most Arapahoe criminal issues are held at:

County Justice Center

7325 S. Potomac Street

Centennial, Colorado 80112

Phone: 303-649-6355

The building is just to the North of the Broncos training center.