Drug felony attorney in Colorado in Denver / Araphaoe


About Colorado drug felonies

Colorado has a special classification of felony for drug crimes.  The presumptive range for drug crimes is between 1 year and 32 years in prison.   This law office routinely defends clients against accused of drug crimes.  Some drug crimes have mandatory prison sentencing (see below).  For a free strategy session with Colorado drug crimes lawyer Tray Stephany call 303-981-0594. Colorado drug felony lawyer in Denver / Arapahoe since 2009. 

Can two peopel be charged for the same bag of drugs?

People often come into this office and have a situation where drugs were found in a vehicle but not on either passenger.  The usual result is both people are charged with possession unless someone owns up to the drugs.  Police assume that both people had a "constructive" possession of the drugs.  In these cases fighting the seizure of the person and search of the vehicle are points of attack for defense. 

Suppressing evidence.

Suppression of evidence is a complicated situation based upon fact and law.   In all drug cases a Colorado drug defense attorney should examine the possibility of suppressing (excluding from trial) the drugs and potentially incriminating statements made by the defendant.  The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution protects citizens from unlawful search and seizures.  As a drug felony attorney in Colorado in Denver / Arapahoe this office aggressively explores evidence suppression. 

Confidential Informants.

Law enforcement often utilize regular citizens to make controlled purchases of drugs.  During these "controlled buys" the confidential informant may be recording the transaction or feeding law enforcement information upon fellow citizens.  Usually a confidential informant is trying to snitch on his friends to get out of trouble.   This Colorado criminal defense lawyer frowns on snitching, and snitches are not welcome at either of Tray Stephany's office locations.  Thank you.  

Is there mandatory prison for a drug felony?

Yes, some Colorado drug felony crimes require a prison sentence.  For example, conviction of a level 1 drug felony requires at least and 8 year prison sentence.  Or if a defendant is sentenced as a special offender then the defendant mus tto at least 12 years but no more than 32 years in prison.  There are other situations where prison is a mandatory punishment but as a Colorado drug felony attorney the goal of this office is to avoid prison and minimize damage.