Of course the Defendant looks to beat any Colorado Felony charged.  But if convicted there may be alternatives to prison.  There may be mitigating circumstances that reduce harsh penalties.  A  Felony Sentencing is a very delicate and serious topic.  Call to consult with a Colorado Felony Lawyer today.
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Conviction on a Colorado Felony brings a strong possibility of going to prison.  This page presents the sentencing guidelines also referred to by Colorado criminal lawyers the "presumptive range." The presumptive range is the range that is presumed the convicted will spend in prison.  However, if there are aggravating circumstances the maximum in the presumptive range could double.  In some cases if a defendant is convicted then they have to do the midpoint (at least half) of the sentence in Colorado's Department of Corrections.  In some cases there are mitigating circumstances that could, but rarely, have the offender sentenced below the presumptive minimum.  The goal of The Law Office of Tray Stephany is not to be convicted of a felony.   

If convicted of a felony after July 1, 1993 the range is:
  1. Class 1 Felony, minimum is life behind bars and the maximum is death.
  2. Class 2 Felony, minimum is 8 years imprisonment and the maximum is 24 years.
  3. Class 3 Felony, minimum is 4 years imprisonment and the maximum is 12 years.
  4. Class 4 Felony, minimum is 2 years imprisonment and the maximum is 6 years.
  5. Class 5 Felony, minimum is 1 year imprisonment and the maximum is 3 years.
  6. Class 6 Felony, minimum is 1 year imprisonment and the maximum is 18 months. 
Upon release from prison there is also a mandatory parole period.

  1. Class 1 Felony has no parole because you will never be released.
  2. Class 2 Felony has 5 years of parole.
  3. Class 3 Felony has 5 years of parole.
  4. Class 4 Felony has 3 years of parole.
  5. Class 5 Felony has 2 years of parole.
  6. Class 6 Felony has 1 year of parole.
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